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UCLA Graduate Division

Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual

The manual explains official UCLA policies and procedures for the appointments of graduate students to all academic personnel titles. Two versions of the manual exists one created for students and other for departmental staff. Both contain information on how to find appointments, minimum requirements for appointments, terms of employment, benefits, tax information, TA training programs, fee deferments, offsets, and remissions. The department version also includes an appointment checklist, exception to policy procedures, remission benefits processing, title codes, and TA advance loan checks instructions.

Please note dates & salary rates are available as separate documents. For TA, Reader, and Tutor policies, please be sure to refer to the UAW contract, as the contract policies supersede the ones outlined in the manual. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Student Support Office at (310) 825-1025.


Salary Scales

Department Training

Maximum Employment Hours

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