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UCLA Graduate Division

Services and Privileges for Postdoctoral Scholars

Obtaining Access to University Facilities

A welcome letter from the Dean of the Graduate Division is sent to each scholar along with a copy of the approved appointment form. Scholars are instructed to obtain a UCLA BruinCard for access to University privileges and facilities. The BruinCard is obtained by taking photo identification and the welcome letter to 123 Kerckhoff Hall. The BruinCard also can be used as a debit card all over campus.


Library Privileges

Postdoctoral scholars are entitled to the use of all the libraries on campus and the BruinCard functions as the library card. To activate the BruinCard for library access, present it at the Young Research Library, College Library, or the Biomedical Library.


Auditing Courses and Seminars

Postdoctoral scholars are not students, therefore they do not pay fees nor do they register with the Office of the Registrar. With the exception of summer school classes, postdoctoral scholars may audit courses and seminars with the consent of the instructor. No academic credit is given. If scholars wish to take regular University courses and receive credit, they are required to seek admission to the University and pay the normal student registration fees; status as a postdoctoral scholar is then terminated.


Laboratory and Office Facilities

Within University policy, postdoctoral scholars may be granted use of laboratory and other University facilities at the discretion of the departments involved. In many departments, however, space is limited and offices cannot be provided.


Deferral of Student Loans

Many, if not most, lending agencies do not recognize postdoctoral scholar status for deferral of student loans because postdoctoral trainees are not considered the equivalent of registered, full-time students. The Graduate Division will sign student loan deferral forms for scholars and provide a letter outlining the dates of appointment and the UC definition of a postdoctoral scholar. The guaranteeing agency is then responsible for determining if the appointment meets its deferral criteria.

Before making the request for Loan Deferments, please print out the loan deferment forms from your lending agency, fill out the personal information and drop them off at 1237 Murphy Hall, MC: 141901. The Graduate Division does not mail out the forms on your behalf, please make arrangements to come back and pick them up when notified that they are ready. Processing time will take 5-7 business days.


Faculty Center Privileges

UCLA postdoctoral scholars are eligible to become members and use the services of the UCLA Faculty Center without paying the regular $200 initiation fee and through reduced monthly membership dues. The first six months of membership dues are completely waived. After that, dues are only $8.00 per month for two years and $12.50 per month for the following two years (regular membership dues are $18.50). Postdoctoral scholars are encouraged to visit the front office at the Faculty Center for a membership application.



For assistance or further information, please contact Academic Services, Graduate Division, 1255 Murphy Hall, 142801; (310) 825-3819 or